Kora as a Writer

Castles, knights and chivalry inhabits the landscape of Kora’s dreams of fiction, and her constant travels to faraway lands ignites her passion for history. Since the time she could put pen to paper, she has channeled her love of the past and of literature into novel-length historical fiction (she completed her first novel when she was 13, and the 114,000 word manuscript now inhabits the shadows of her bottom drawer). She refines her craft in the company of fellow writers: she is an active member of Sno Valley Writes and the Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association and fuels her passion for history amongst the scholars of The Richard III Society.

Her latest project, for which she is searching high and low for an agent interested in representation, is a series of two books set in the years of Richard III, in the early 1480s. The story’s protagonist is Isolda, an orphan who finds love in the form of the Duke of Buckingham, only to have it torn from her by the arrogant and corrupt Marquis of Dorset. She soon turns to revenge, and the Duke of Buckingham is only too eager to aid her in her vengeance. Yet as the winds of England’s politics shift, bringing Richard to the throne, Isolda begins to see that Buckingham has other plans, and soon she suspects that he is not the gentle lover she once believed him to be.

For more information on current and past projects, please visit her website, www.korastoynova.com,


3 Responses to Kora as a Writer

  1. Maria Wilson says:

    Can’t wait for you new book(s)…Smiles! Aunt Maria

  2. Diana Smoak says:

    Angel!! I miss you so much! Insert my constant request for volume two of the Northman Trilogy here, haha!
    ~Cousin Diana

  3. Tyler-Ryan Allen says:

    Didn’t know that you write…KILLER!!!

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