Simeon and Kora’s Dancing

In 1999, Simeon’s Bulgarian-born family had to make a choice: return to the USA from Vancouver, BC, where they were living, or give up their hard-earned green cards. His family chose to move back, but as Simeon’s father was still attending the University of British Columbia, working furiously on a geology PhD, they decided to move to Bellevue, WA, a city close enough to BC in order to allow him to continue his studies. But Simeon, who had been tricked into dancing by a couple of girl-friends while living in Vancouver (and eventually came to like it), began searching for another partner.

Kora was born in Seattle and started dancing when she was five. She sifted through partner after partner, looking for the one who would prove as serious as herself, as driven as herself, as passionate as herself. Eventually, she danced competitively with her father, who was a professional competitor himself. She knew that she had to keep dancing, to keep training, because when a boy came along, she wanted to be ready. And when Simeon walked into the dance studio that October Saturday in 1999, she was more ready than ever.

They started dancing together almost immediately. Simeon’s athletic loyalties were divided: he loved tennis, played varsity tennis for his high school, competed in independent tennis tournaments, and otherwise made his tennis-pro father proud. But eventually the dancing won out. He liked the social aspect of dance. He liked the fact that training in dance meant interacting with people (even if that interaction included the occasional argument).

Simeon and Kora’s goals gradually became the same. By 2002, they had become the Youth National Standard Champions and had held the title of Youth and Adult Northwest Regional Champions in Latin, Standard, and 10-Dance for two years. In 2004 they made the decision to devote everything, money, time, and education, into their dancing. In 2005, they began travelling to England, in order to compete against the best couples in the world and to train with the best teachers in world.

Their efforts paid off. They retained the titles of Adult Regional Champions in Standard, Latin, and 10-Dance until 2010, at which point they turned professional. They were 9-time American National finalists and were invited to perform in Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo, and on the Chilean version of “Dancing with the Stars”.

As Professionals, Simeon and Kora proudly represent Simeon’s home-country of Bulgaria. Their professional careers started off with a bang. World Championships was only their third professional competition, where they placed 37th.

For more information about their dancing, their coaches, their travels, etc, visit their website,


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