DWTS Week 6 Review Coming Tomorrow!

OK, so I know for a lot of you who read my blog every week, it was a bit of a disappointment to see nothing about the last two weeks. Well, I didn’t disappear, and I didn’t fail you in following through on those reviews. I simply failed to post the link and summaries on my blog. But no more! Kora is back in action and her reviews are still here!

So, in case you all wanted to read my reviews from Weeks 4 and 5 but needed only the links to do so, here they are:

Week 4 (April 11): http://www.emotionsdancesport.com/dancing-with-the-stars/episode-4.htm

Week 5 (April 18): http://www.emotionsdancesport.com/dancing-with-the-stars/week-5.htm

I sincerely apologize to anyone who looks forward to my reviews and missed it because of my inability to post the links and summaries on time. Those who are very close to me will know the reasons for it, and let’s just say I have a very good excuse! But anyway, there are the links for Weeks 4 and 5, and Week 6 will be posted on the website tomorrow morning. Enjoy!


About korastoynova

With my husband, Simeon Stoynov, I travel the world in pursuit of our dreams, of which we have many. And, thankfully, all of our dreams are within our reach. We have made sure of it. From our lives as competitive ballroom dancers, a life which has taken us around the world and back, to my struggles to becoming an author, to Simeon's love of business, we have learned what it means to sacrifice, to apply ourselves with discipline, and to enjoy the journey to success. Our lives truly are made of the stuff of dreams.
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