Predictions for Tonights “Dancing With the Stars”

We got a great response from everybody regarding last week’s review of the premiere episode of “Dancing With the Stars”. Tonight, our stars will don their sparklies and trot onstage with their professional partners to compete in the Jive and Quickstep. In anticipation of tonight’s show, I wanted to give everyone a little bit of information on the dances and my predictions for the performances of our twinkle-toe stars.

First of all, Jive and Quickstep are not too technically difficult. Foxtrot and Cha Cha are much more technical than our two springy happy dances you’ll be seeing tonight. When it comes to Jive and Quickstep, a couple can usually do a pretty good job as long as their basic technique is of an acceptable level… which, as we can so easily see, is not the case with our stars. So, amongst our not so twinkle-toe’d stars, who can we expect to sparkle into stardom… and who can we expect to dim into the background? Here are my predictions:

Ralph and Karina will be dancing Jive tonight, and I think they will excel at this. Not to mention Ralph already has plenty of experience jumping and kicking, but Latin is Karina’s strong suit. Given the great job the two of them did in their Foxtrot last week, I think we can look forward to a good show from them.

Chelsea and Mark did a terrible Foxtrot last week; it looked more like Quickstep than Foxtrot. That said, they will also be dancing Jive tonight. Mark is a Latin dancer, which showed in his Foxtrot. But what was a deficiency in Foxtrot will be an asset in Jive. He and Chelsea have a good look, and Chelsea has a young and athletic body that can only help her. I think they will look really good tonight.

All bets are off for Petra and Dmitry. Petra has a difficult time on her feet, and she’s not very graceful. Given the length of her limbs, I doubt she will draw little enough attention to allow her Latin dancer partner to carry the show. I have a feeling she will not excel in her Jive tonight.

Both Hines and Romeo have to dance Quickstep, and can I say…. be very afraid. They were ok in their Latin dance last week, mainly because they didn’t have to maintain a frame. But neither of their partners are Standard dancers, which means their abilities to teach an appropriate frame are already diminished. Once the hopping and running that will inevitably be choreographed gets in there, expect their posture and frame to collapse.

Kirstie and Maks probably have the best bet. They’re very lucky in their group. Maks is a big guy; tall, strong, and burly. He can keep a frame. It’s much easier for a professional man to hold a frame with an amateur lady than for a professional lady to hold a frame with an amateur man…  I know this from personal experience. Given Kirstie’s straight spine and lifted upper back, Maks will have an easier time with it than any of his Quickstepping competitors. I predict these two will steal the Quickstep show.

For my full reviews after their performances, make sure to check back on Wednesday morning, when we will have the summaries posted here, and the full reviews posted on


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