So here we are in Bulgaria! It’s been a long time since I was here, so it’s taken me a little while to recognize anything. We’re staying in a part of Sofia where we never went last time, so I don’t really know the area very well. Yesterday we went to the office to do all of Simeon’s paperwork, so he could get a renewed passport. It was a lot faster than we expected! He pretty much filled out the paperwork in a few minutes. Took his picture, and that’s it! We’re going back today to pick the passport up! It’s so much faster than getting a passport done in the USA. Even expedited services take 2 weeks, but Simeon’s “express” service is one day! If we had a one day service, I would have changed my passport years ago! As it is, I still have my maiden name on my passport, even though everything else is changed to my married name, simply because I can’t afford to be away from my passport for more than 3 weeks at a time. So I travel with my marriage certificate! I seriously wish USA had a 1-day service….

Ever since we landed, I’ve had this headache and a feeling of absolute lethargy that I can’t seem to shake. I don’t understand why. This headache is behind my eyes and in my temples, basically it feels like my head is being squashed between two iron plates. And this tiredness! Yesterday I was exhausted, but that’s not so strange because we did a red-eye flight, slept for 4 hours, then got up to go take care of Simeon’s passport. And we only had a nap during the day. I went to sleep last night at around 11:30 or so, and I slept pretty much straight through until 9:30 this morning. So I was thinking, 10 hours is pretty good! I should feel great! But I don’t… I still feel extremely tired, and my head is still being squashed between two metal plates. And to make it worse, when I got to Simeon’s grandparents’ apartment, I just started crying! It’s so embarrassing! I have absolutely no reason to cry and yet I just can’t hold it back! I don’t know if it’s because of my headache, which really is killing me, and of course I have no painkillers with me because Sims took my bottle of Tylenol out of my purse when he was sick and failed to put it back, or if it’s because I’m so damn frustrated that I don’t speak and understand Bulgarian better than I do, or if it’s because I just feel so incredibly tired (or most probably a combination of all three), but I just so embarrassed to break down and cry like this! And I felt so bad for Sims, too, because he certainly doesn’t understand why I’m crying. I mean, how could he understand if I don’t? And the crying is seriously not helping my headache. It’s a good thing all of my makeup is waterproof because as soon as I stop crying I won’t have to fix anything, lol.

Well, as you would have guessed, Simeon and I have managed to find the Sofia Starbucks! Not that we need it for internet, since our hotel has free internet in the lobby, but it’s Starbucks! Nothing like Starbucks to chase away the homesickness. And I do feel a bit homesick. It doesn’t matter how often we travel, or how accustomed to travelling we get, three weeks is a long time, and I usually start to get homesick after about two. If any of you wonder why we spend so much time in Starbucks when we travel, that’s why – Starbucks always looks the same everywhere we go. Here we are in Sofia, yet in Starbucks we might be in London, or Tokyo, or New York, or Bellevue. Starbucks looks like home. I can walk into Starbucks and get what I drink at home, and sit in the same sort of chair I sit in at home, and they’re playing the same type of music, and I can recollect myself and catch up. It’s almost like a meditation. We don’t often go to Starbucks at home, but we travel, Starbucks is like our lifeline. Not the coffee, mind. I’m not particular about my coffee. It’s the setup of the café, the familiarity of it. Anyone who’s ever travelled for a long time, or moved away from home, understands how comforting that familiarity can be.

Wow! I’m really exposing myself in this post! Ah well, I guess it’s good to admit that I’m human, too.


About korastoynova

With my husband, Simeon Stoynov, I travel the world in pursuit of our dreams, of which we have many. And, thankfully, all of our dreams are within our reach. We have made sure of it. From our lives as competitive ballroom dancers, a life which has taken us around the world and back, to my struggles to becoming an author, to Simeon's love of business, we have learned what it means to sacrifice, to apply ourselves with discipline, and to enjoy the journey to success. Our lives truly are made of the stuff of dreams.
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