Well, I’m a little perturbed, since I wrote an amazing description of my home this morning, as seen from my living room windows. I was inspired by the fact that our furnace has been out for 3 days, and it just started snowing, so my husband had to start up our wood-burning stove to keep us warm, and we really don’t use our lights very much anyway, so that old, vintage feeling totally inspired me! And I wrote this great description, because out my back windows the world looks so Scandinavian and picturesque. And then I finished it and pressed “publish” and… nothing happened. I had lost it all. Damn damn damn! Very upset!

On the bright side, at least we will be in North Carolina this weekend, so I don’ t have so wallow in cold misery. Instead I get the comforts of a hotel. Yay! And my goal? Finish the rewrite of my second chapter of CS! Hopefully it will happen….


About korastoynova

With my husband, Simeon Stoynov, I travel the world in pursuit of our dreams, of which we have many. And, thankfully, all of our dreams are within our reach. We have made sure of it. From our lives as competitive ballroom dancers, a life which has taken us around the world and back, to my struggles to becoming an author, to Simeon's love of business, we have learned what it means to sacrifice, to apply ourselves with discipline, and to enjoy the journey to success. Our lives truly are made of the stuff of dreams.
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